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Mozzarella and tomatoes

This was my lunch today, although I must admit I don’t usually arrange it as artfully as this. I quite often eat this for breakfast too.

The pesto is homemade (I don’t like the shop bought stuff much); I’ll put up a recipe for that soon. This is buffalo mozzarella, which I buy if it’s reduced or on offer. Otherwise I get cows mozzarella which is also lovely. You just can’t beat good buffalo mozzarella though… the textured outside breaking open to reveal the meltingly soft centre, the fresh, clean taste. God I could go downstairs and eat the lot now!

This is a good low carb lunch. A bit of salad with it would be good, but I like to really focus on the flavours so I just have it as is. I didn’t eat that whole big ball of mozzarella, much as I’d love to, or all the tomatoes. Tomatoes can be too high in carbohydrates for a low carb diet, but these little on-the-vine ones are 3.1g of carbs per 100g, which is fine.